Helping 21 Families this Thanksgiving! - Windermere Greenwood
GreenwoodSeattleUncategorizedWindermere FoundationWindermere Greenwood November 21, 2017

Helping 21 Families this Thanksgiving!

All month long, our Windermere Greenwood brokers and staff donated funds to help purchase turkeys, canned and perishable items for local families in need this holiday. During the holidays, canned pumpkin and yams, cranberry sauce and box stuffing, can help families have at least some of the traditional holiday fare.

Working with the  Greenwood Boys & Girls Club, we spent the morning organizing all the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner for 21 neighborhood families!

This is just one way that Windermere Greenwood donates our time and money through the Windermere Foundation to support local non-profit organizations in our community. If you’d like to help us continue to support these and other programs this holiday season or beyond, please let us know!

Thank you to everyone who supports the Windermere Foundation. Your generosity is truly making a difference in the lives of many families in our local communities.

Windermere Greenwood wishes all of you a bountiful Thanksgiving with family and friends!